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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could give a rough estimate of how much money & time this took. Just trying to figure out if it’s feasible for me to attempt.

    • I made this 8 years ago, so I honestly don’t really remember! The fabric was all regular cotton/broadcloth so it’s inexpensive, especially if you get it on sale or with a coupon. The pattern and step-by-step tutorial that comes with it was SUPER helpful, and I was a brand new beginner when I attempted this so I was pretty slow, but I was able to follow it without much trouble. Sorry I can’t give you more specifics, since it was so long ago!

  2. Hello Meredith!

    I have a question about your beautiful Minnie Mouse princess dress that you created.
    I bought from the pattern from Candy Castle via Etsy.
    I put the pattern pieces together and do not seem to have a pattern piece for the underskirt (white) that goes beneath the red polka dot curvy pieces with the black ruffle.

    There appear to be NO skirt pieces, just 2 sets of pieces (thin and regular) for the bodice. Where is the piece for the polka dot skirt and the white underskirt. There seems to just be a small rectangular piece labeled “skirt placket” and a small curvy piece piece to be used to cut the scallops at the bottom of the red polka dot skirt (or make this is the patter for 6 small curvy pieces to be sewn together (not leaving much fabric above the curve to form a skirt across the stomach and backside.
    There is a white skirt under the red polka dot but no where does it indicate how to create the white underskirt (with a lace trim at the hem). What do I do? I think this dress is super adorable and want to make it for my 3 year old granddaughter, but I am stuck with piles of fabric and can’t begin to cut out and then assemble this creation.

    Please help me to figure this out. I wrote to Candy Castle to ask then but the response is to go onto facebook to check their chat room. I do not use Facebook so that idea did not help!!


    • Have you read through all of the directions for the pattern? It has been quite a long time since I made this dress so I don’t remember the specifics of how it is all assembled. The photo instructions will take you through each step, including how to assemble and cut out the printed pattern. I’d recommend reading through all the instructions for the whole dress before you start.

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