17 Responses to How to Shine Your Stainless Steel Appliances!

    • Thanks, Pam! I’ve used olive oil on my stainless steel sink and it works well too! I do like the baby oil – I’ve got lots of it sitting around that I’ll never use anyway, and it does leave the kitchen smelling nice and baby fresh, haha :-)

    • Hehe I know, she’s already mastered the look of “who, me? you can’t possibly be mad at me!” – which means trouble for mommy and daddy!

  1. This is a great tip! My mom has stainless steel appliances and I’m sure this would really help it shine–pinning this post!
    I would love it if you’d join the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop and link up this post. We love seeing easy tips like this! If you’d like to be a regular at our party, we open up every Sunday night at 8 Central time! Hope to see you there!

  2. First off girl I’m so jelly of your double ovens. I don’t have children running around smudging up my stainless steel appliances but I have three weird dogs that likes to lick them. So i’m always looking for ways to shine them up. I once used a mixture of chili power and water to try and break the habit…worst decision ever. I’d love for you to come over and link this up to our party

  3. I love this tip and it has worked well for me, except I use olive oil. I too am amazed and excited that it helps to repel little fingerprints. I used this in my sink and it helped to repel food bits for a while too.

  4. Hey, great share….

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips to shine stainless steel appliances.If you own a stainless steel appliance, you know that it rarely ever lives up to its name. It is hardly ever stainless! I don’t remember a time when finger print marks and water stains did not decorate the surfaces of my dishwasher, oven and refrigerator.

    Your post is definitely going to reduce my misery. Thank you once again for posting this article.
    Keep sharing more…

  5. It’s interesting to hear your method of cleaning stainless steel. Does the baby oil you use leave any sort of residue on the steel, or not at all? We have a ton of appliances that are stainless steel, so we want to find the best way to keep them looking spic and spam!

  6. Cute little girl! And a great tips for cleaning stainless steel. Thanks and keep up the good work on your blog!

  7. I just purchased Weiman today because I did a search for stainless steel cleaning yesterday, and many people endorsed it. This have had to replace our range, dishwasher, and in the process of locating a refrigerator. It’s crazy how difficult it is finding available appliances these days. I had an all white kitchen with wonderful white appliances since 1998, and we had to go with stainless steel because of availability. I’m going to use this cleaner tomorrow, and hope it keeps down the smudges and fingerprints.

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