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  1. Hi Meredith, I really like the ideas you share on your blog. I’ve been reading for quit some while now and its the first time I’m commenting :). Anyways love your work, keep sharing amazing ideas. stay blessed!

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad I found your blog! Your deck and patio is my exact setup! Do you find that your patio gets a lot of mud on it? How do you prevent that?

    • Oh I’m glad you found it helpful! That’s why I wanted to share, I think there are lots of people with this kind of set up but I couldn’t find a whole lot of ideas out there for it. Do you mean the concrete pad under our deck? It does get dirty but we power wash it once a year and that keeps in in pretty good shape. It’s a few inches higher than the ground around it so I think that helps keep it from getting too muddy.

  3. Hey! Our deck is the same size so this was perfect for me! I just bought a similar extendable table from Lowe’s as well!! $209. Thx for the inspiration!!

    • Yay! I’m glad you were able to find one. I hope you’re able to enjoy lots of time on your deck this spring/summer!

    • Thanks Julie! Gosh, it’s been several years since we last stained it…I don’t remember the stain color, sorry!

  4. Great inspiration! This is my exact setup for the house we are building. What are the dimensions of your deck?

  5. Hi Julie!
    I found your blog while searching for ideas for our deck. Love this so much! I am curious, what do you do for protection for the elements? I suppose you cover the furniture when it rains?

      • Thanks Yanna! That’s a great question. We use this square cover to drape over our L shaped sectional and fire table, and it works well. The only negative is that after it rains there’s a puddle of water in the middle of the cover between the fire table and the sectional. But I just go lift it off, and water has never leaked through the cover. It’s nice to have only one cover to try to tuck away when the furniture is uncovered. (We don’t cover the dining table/chairs.)

  6. Thank you. We lost our deck cushions, rugs and canopy due to heavy ash and burned debris damage during recent forest fires. I especially liked the we could source your ideas directly from your post, like the deck umbrella holder and furniture covers. Your ideas will help us repair our beautiful outdoor space. Thank you

  7. We want to put fire pit on deck too, is it safe to do so? We have the exact same dimensions of deck as you. I was just curious if you had any issues. From what I’ve researched it says don’t put any fire pit gas or wood on deck. Please let me know. Thanks

    • We have not had any issues at all – the one we have is really no different than having a gas grill on a deck. But you should definitely check the manufacturers recommendations on whatever fire pit you’re researching and take those into account.

  8. Beautiful outdoor designs! How have the swings held up? I would love to do this at our place. Do you have any structural concerns as the kids are growing and pumping higher?

    • They’re still going strong! We do have to tell the big kids not to swing so high that their feet can touch the underside of the deck (or their head, depending on which way they’re facing) but they’re pretty good about it. Actually a bigger concern has been making sure they don’t twist up in circles and then let go (I’m always worried that somebody will bang a head on a post!). But we haven’t had any issues or injuries! Especially since we don’t have any other space in our backyard for a swingset, this has been a great option. And it will be super easy to take down once they’re all too big for swings!

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