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  1. I LOVE this playhouse! Wanting to build one myself.. do you remember about how much it cost to build? Everything included?

    • I want to say it was a little under 2K (including the slide and accessories and things), but that was 3 years ago and lumber prices are definitely higher now!

  2. What steps did you do to paint/ finish it? We’re you able to spray these with the 3 tones? We built one last spring and I am trying to wrap my head around the paint and finish now that the wood is dry and ready! Thank you!

    • We actually painted/stained as we went, kind of in phases. We did use a sprayer for the stain after the platform was built, before the walls went up. I painted the inside of the fence boards before we put them up, which was much easier than trying to paint around the studs! The studs and rafters got a coat of paint before the walls and roof went on. We ended up disassembling the railing to paint it too, since it was really challenging to paint in all those corners! The outside we just rolled once everything was assembled.

    • Our platform is 8′ wide x 12’deep – the enclosed playhouse portion is 7 feet deep and the front “porch” part with the slide is 5 feet.

    • I actually picked it up at JoAnn’s in their seasonal spring stuff a few years ago, so I don’t have a link to that specific one…sorry!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love everything you did. Can you please tell me what size lumber you used for the ladder? Are the boards the same size as the ones used on the frame of the deck? I’m going to be using 2x8s for my frame and was wondering if I should use the same for the ladder. I’m also trying to figure out how steep the incline should be. Thank you!

    • Thank you!! The stringers are 2x10s and the step treads are 2x8s. The incline will depend on the height of your playhouse…you have to do some math to figure out how to spread steps out evenly.

      • Do you have a lumber list for this? My husband wants to build this and I plan on going and buying all accessories from your links but he needs the sizes and amount of lumber to order!

        • I don’t have one, sorry! We did this sort of in phases and took a gazillion trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot..it certainly would have been easier to order everything all at once, haha. Thanks for shopping through my links!

  4. What size slide did you use? Or how high is your deck? In the plans it shows to build the deck 4ft high but I can only find tube slides 5ft and 7ft so did you build your deck taller?

    • We used the slide linked in the post above, I believe it’s 5 feet…and yes, we did do the math to make sure we built the deck at the exact right height to work with the slide. It was tricky, since we built it on a slope, but the downhill side of the deck is 5 ft off the ground.

  5. […] This playhouse not only is a house but comes with a slide so that the kids can enjoy more than just a little house. As we know that the spring season is almost here and this seems to be a perfect time to build this house. The supplies that you need here are tube slide, rock wall grips and handles, window boxes, hardware and roof. Tutorial […]

  6. This is amazing!! what type of wood did you use/was it pressure treated? I want to do something similar with the suntop roof, I’m trying to figure out what I put on the peak of the roof to prevent leaking?

    • Thanks! We only used pressure treated for the in-ground posts, and didn’t use it for the rest since we were staining/painting it all. The roof system has a ridge cap, the wood underneath the wood isn’t exposed to rain/weather.

  7. This is awesome!! I’m looking t build something like this for my kids but am trying to decide what size lumber to use and how big to make it.

    What size lumber did you use for posts & joists? 6×6 or 4×4 posts, 2×6 or 2×4 joists?

  8. I’ve been obsessing over this for two years and we are finally building one! How tall are your walls?

  9. Hi! First of all I LOVE your playhouse! My husband is in the process of building a similar but a bit smaller. Anyway, we’re to the step of adding the roof. He got PVC plastic sheets from Home Depot but when he goes to cut them, they start breaking. He’s tried several different strategies. Do you have any advice/tips on what to do? Thank you so much!

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