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  1. Hi Meredith!
    This chili looks amazing! I love crock pot recipes. I made a creamy chicken soup in mine the other day and I actually added cream cheese to it! It makes a great addition. Pinned and shared on my Facebook page. Thank you for sharing on Marvelous Mondays. :)

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

    • Thanks, Julie! It’s one of those dishes that actually tastes a whole lot better than it looks and sounds, and it is the best ratio of yum to easy that I’ve found yet in crock pot recipes, haha. And thanks for hosting the party!

      • I have made the the cream cheese chicken chili and the last two weeks one co-worker told me she would pay me to make it for her my son loved it everyone I shared it with loved it I liked it as well.I changed up the tomatoes.

  2. I think I just changed what I am making for dinner this evening! ;) I was wanting to do something Mexican. I had already planned to do ground hamburger with the Rotel & taco seasoning in the Crock Pot- I always make my taco beef & chicken that way! So good & easy! :)

    Thank you for sharing at Marvelous Mondays! :)

  3. Your crock pot chicken chili looks so delicious! We can’t wait to try it. We would love to have you share it at our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party and at our new sister blog site Myrecipemagic.com. You can share your recipe and make some extra “dough” (cash). Drop by and check it out! We are so excited! -The Six Sisters

  4. Hi Meredith! This looks great! I am visiting from Family Fun Friday! Thank you for posting! I blog at My Life as Robin’s Wife. Blessings!

  5. I made this the other night and it was super yummy!! I just had some of the leftovers today for lunch and I can’t wait to make it again. SO doesn’t like cream cheese either but he did like this.
    Thank you for posting it!

    • So glad, Jennifer! This is now one of my favorite crock pot meals, it just doesn’t get any easier…and it’s great leftover, too!

  6. Soooo easy and super tasty, I make this every week now and there is enough to freeze and have for another night or lunches (it is just me and my husband). I added green and orange peppers to add some more veggies and it worked out great!

    • You should be able to add 1 or 2 more chicken breasts without adding more sauce…especially once it’s shredded, it will just make it meatier and thicker!

    • Hi Leila, it’s really difficult to overcook this! I’d say you could do 6 hours on low with fresh chicken breasts, but it wouldn’t hurt if it went for 8. With frozen, you’d probably need to do closer to 7 or 8.

    • It freezes quite well. I actually love this recipe so much that I triple the recipe so that I can portion it out and freeze individual containers to take for lunch!

    • At the very end, after it’s cooked all day – it will be very tender and super easy to shred! I actually usually shred it about a half hour before we eat and then turn my crock pot down to warm…that gives me time to make cornbread and rice to go with it and then it’s ready to go when we sit down at the table.

      • I found this recipe a few years back and it’s one of my favorites! Rather than rice, I crunch up a bed of Doritos to place the finished concoction on, then top it like a taco with shredded lettuce, diced tomato and cheese, a dollop of sour cream …then serve with Doritos! SO good! I’ll try it with the rice and cornbread next time. 🤗

  7. This was great! I made it last night for my sister and her family. Even my 10-year-old nephew ate it (after originally declaring he wouldn’t try it). I substituted half a packet of taco seasoning for the cumin, onion powder, and chili powder, though I think I could have used the entire packet. I will definitely be making this again!

    • So glad you liked it! I’ve never tried taco seasoning but that’s a terrific idea. I have the gigantic jar of it from Sam’s club. That would make this even easier to throw together in the morning!

  8. Nice recipe. Couple of questions. The seasonings…these are teaspoons, right? And the cream cheese…this is one of those wrapped in foil, like 8 Oz?

  9. This is delicious! and so easy! I am making it to serve at a baby shower for my granddaughter this weekend, by request! 2 crock pots full, recipe doubled twice and my guess is there will be no leftovers. Thanks for the recipe!

    • It’s one of our favorites – we just had it last night! Hope it turned out well and your guests loved it!

  10. Thank you so much for this recipe. I’m 38, newly married for the first time, and can’t cook AT ALL! I tried this recipe and it was a big hit. My husband and I loved it. Poor guy, he’s been very sweet to me…eating and complimenting all my previous attempts at cooking. But this time it was very obvious he enjoyed this dinner. He asked me to make it again very soon. And I love that I don’t have to defrost the chicken, which I usually forget to do. Thanks again.

  11. I have made this twice so far. I doubled the recipe Sunday and froze the rest of it. I love this recipe. Got my recipe from Plain Chicken.

  12. Literally just made this dish, like it just got finished cooking and I will say it is delicious! It really simple, easy and not an expensive dish to make. I will say that I seasoned my chicken w/ more seasonings that salt and pepper but nonetheless it was very good! Thanks so much for this recipe!

  13. I make this often but want to take it to a friend’s house as a “deliver a meal” kind of thing and I don’t know what to serve it with. Other than tortillas? Any ideas?

    • I always serve it with white rice and cornbread, though rice doesn’t always transport well…we’ve also eaten this as a dip and used Fritos Scoops or Tortilla Chips to eat it, so that’s a fun option too! Add a bag of salad and I think it would make a great meal to deliver.

  14. The most delicious chicken chili!
    I’ve made this several times now & prefer it over a few more chicken chili recipes I’ve made in the past.
    ** The only things I do differently are to add a bit of chopped onion and some chicken broth to make it a little more soupy.
    It’s so yummy!!
    Leftovers are great too

    Thanks for sharing this recipe 😊

  15. I love this recipe! I tweak it every now and then with garbanzo beans and cayenne pepper. I take the meat out, put it in a large bowl and shred it with a rotary beater. Much easier than forking it to shreds.

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