39 Responses to Burlap Garden Flag with Heat Transfer Vinyl

    • Thanks Ariean! And oh yes, there is no such thing as enough glitter! Especially amongst boys, I’d imagine ;-)

    • Yes, I didn’t know that either until I tried it! It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, doesn’t it?? If you make one of your own, be sure to come back and tell me, I’d love to see it!

  1. I still can’t get over the finished look of this project, Meredith. It’s outstanding! And you’ve definitely inspired me to give glitter HTV a try. Also, thanks for the link love to my freezer paper stenciling. I love getting others hooked on that medium…lol.

    • Aw, thanks Lauren! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn out as nicely as it did, so I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I love the glitter HTV, this was my first project with it, and for sure won’t be my last! And you are the queen of freezer paper stenciling, so of course I had to link to the master! Love all your tutorials and tips on that, I look them up to remind myself every time I use it!

    • I don’t do much with fabric either, Kate…I don’t even really classify burlap as fabric in my brain, haha, since to me it’s more of a crafting medium, especially since you don’t have to sew it – win! It’s really easy to paint on or apply HTV! And your subway art is beautiful!!

  2. Love the glitter monogram! It makes a wonderful garden flag, and I can only imagine how the glitter catches the light outside. Thanks for sharing that Burlap tip too!

    • Thanks Kristy!! It actually turned out much better than I was expecting…and it is still holding up perfectly!

  3. Love this! How does the HTV hold up outdoors? I’ve learned that colored fabric and burlap fades fast. This looks great! Do you recommend spraying flag with an outdoor solar protectant? Thanks!

    • Thanks Susan! I was actually really surprised with how well this held up. We had it outside in the sun all summer, and it didn’t fade much at all. The HTV and burlap did fade a bit but not enough for it to be too noticeable (though I used a lighter burlap to begin with), and the paint didn’t at all. I did toss it at the end of the season though, because the burlap was fraying quite a bit…so if I did it again, I’d do some fray check along the edges or something. If you had some solar protectant it probably couldn’t hurt, especially if you used really vibrant colors, but I didn’t really find it necessary!

    • Thanks Alex! I think the “est. 2010” was “Grand Hotel” and the letter L was a font called “Mary Jane Antique.” I believe they’re both free fonts.

  4. How do you keep it from fading in the sun?
    I did red htv glitter and it has been outside less than a month and the red had faded and looks like orange.

    • Mine did fade a bit through the summer too. But I think they make UV protectant fabric spray, I bet that would work to keep the colors bright…I think I will try that next time I make a garden flag.

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