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  1. I used 3 loves of Rhodes frozen bread thawed and rolled out. I spread butter on it and sprinkled cinnamon and brown sugar then rolled it up. I sliced it and put it in a 13 x 9 pan and let it raise. I made the goo recipe from your instructions and let cool while my rolls were raising. Then I poured it over and baked for 38 minutes. The rolls really raised a lot more and was over flowing the pan. Luckily I had put a cookie sheet under it and the over flow was contained. I would put 3 less rolls in next time. However it was the best sticker buns I have ever made in my life. They were gooey and not granulated like mine usually get. Roses makes really good dough and it was perfect for this recipe. I cannot wait to try your recipe with the Rhodes rolls.

    • Hi Shirley, nope, put them in the pan frozen! If they’re stuck together, I can usually get them apart with a butter knife. They’ll thaw and rise overnight before you bake them.

  2. So leaving the milk out overnight room temp wont make you sick? Can i put them in the fridge instead? Just worried about getting sick lol.

    • You can put them in the fridge but the rolls won’t rise as much. Up to you. I’ve never had a problem with the milk and have made this at least twenty times.

  3. My recipe is an old one and very similar but I’m going to try yours next time I make them. Adding the pudding to all the ingredients and not having to bring sugar and butter to a boil seems much easier.

    • Why are you using vanilla pudding? What does it do? I mix my butter and sugar together over heat and then pour it over the buns, cover, let rise. Then bake!

  4. Do you use the pudding mix dry and then add the 3.5 Tablespoons of milk. Or do you prepare the pudding mix directions on the box and then add 3.5 tablespoons of milk?

  5. Are the rolls good the day after? I need to bake the night before and then serve in the morning. Not enuff room in the oven the day of the event.

    • They’re pretty good leftover, but really nothing compared to fresh out of the oven. So these may not be best for that.

  6. These are absolutely delicious! Made them and they are better than the butterscotch pudding one in a bundt pan! Just make them…everyone will LOVE them! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. I made these for Christmas morning. My boys and husband loved them!! Super easy to make. I put pecans under half the rolls, since one son isn’t a fan of nuts. These will be our new Christmas morning tradition. Highly recommend for an easy and delicious sweet treat. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes!! Butterscotch can be harder to find but I stock up when I see it because I always prefer making this with butterscotch – it adds such yummy flavor!

  8. Made this kinda sorta, always tweek a recipe. Made in a bunt pan 1 and 1/2 layers of rolls that have been rolled in butter, then cinnamon sugar. Put dry butterscotch cook n serve pudding and then brown sugar. Pour melted butter over all. Add nuts if you like on bottom. Sometimes I put brn sugar, butter, a bit of Almond milk, (heate)in the bottom w/nuts. Got raves at SUPER BOWL PARTY.

  9. Meredith,

    I have made these in the past but now the carmel is hardening almost immediately to the point they are hard to eat. It almost turns to candy. I tried adding a little bit of corn syrup because I read that they are leaving corn syrup out of pudding mixes now, but it still turned hard. Any suggestions to combat this?

    • Are you sure you’re using cook and serve pudding, and not instant? I’ve something similar happen with I accidentally used instant pudding mix by mistake. I haven’t made these in a while, so if there’s been a change in pudding mix ingredients I suppose that could be it…and that would be really sad :-( Maybe try a different brand of pudding to see if that helps? Keep me posted!

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