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  1. This is genius! Thank you for sharing! I was wondering how many carrots, celery stalks, and garlic cloves you usually use?

    • I just use whatever I have, haha…sorry, I know that’s not very helpful! Usually it’s probably 2 or 3 stalks of celery, greens and al, and 3 or 4 carrots? And whatever garlic I have on hand I’ll throw in (up to about 5 or 6 cloves), but sometimes I don’t have any fresh and just leave it out. That’s the beauty of stock like this, you can use whatever you have and it will be delicious no matter what.

  2. Great idea! I always boil the carcass but then you have to stick around and keep an eye on it! The crock pot is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

    • The exact amount will vary hugely depending on the size of your crock pot and the amount of bones/veggies you add. As I said in the post, after you add the bones and the vegetables, fill your pot completely with water :-)

  3. Been using your recipe & it’s great. Lots of room to vary. I snack on sweet mini peppers & put the tips in a bag; carrots too. Use two chickens since we go thru two a week with our no carb diet. A few drops of liquid smoke, a little squeeze is gojuchang, dash of worchershire (?lol…), so many seasoning blends. Best of all, it smells good when my guy gets home & I didn’t really cook anything! Lol… TIP! Keep the egg cartons & freeze them in cubes. No clean up & total recycle! Perfect sized cube & pop right out! Win-win-win! Hope these hints help! Thanks again. 😁

  4. When adding a tablespoon or two to your broth, does it alter the taste of the broth?
    Apple cider vinegar has such a strong taste, I’m a little scared to add it but with the health benefits of acv, I really want to but don’t want the taste of it to overpower or detect the taste of acv in the broth.

    • Nope, definitely can’t taste it at all in the broth! Especially with such a small amount of vinegar relative to the liquid you’re adding to the broth.

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