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    • Thanks Barb! No, I’m sorry I don’t make them to sell – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You might be able to find someone on Etsy that does custom vinyl stencils. Or, Silhouette is going to have a killer Black Friday sale where you could snag your own cutting machine, if you’re interested in being able to make them yourself!

  1. This is too funny! After your sign painting party post I got to thinking that this would make an awesome PTO fundraiser (which we are doing on Thursday). While I was working on the samples I thought, “hey I could do both side!” I got the first side done, but have been busy getting everything ready for our fundraiser. Can’t wait to get it finished ?. Now back to sanding

  2. I am fairly new to Silhouette but the file is just showing up as an image. Do I need to use the trace tool to make it a cut file?

    • No, that’s just because I filled the shapes/texts with color. The cut lines are still there, just go under “cut settings” and they should be all set to cut!

  3. I have tried and tried to get the Christmas cut file to work and it is not recognizing the picture. It says it cuts it and is complete within a half second. So it seems like it isn’t recognizing anything there. I can’t get the picture to trace properly either. I got all set to do this project and invited a friend over and we can’t get it to work :(

    • Hi Donna, I’m so sorry you’re having trouble! You shouldn’t need to trace anything, though…just size the entire design to how big you want it and send it to your Silhouette. Did you check the cut settings to make sure the cut lines are set to “cut”? They should default that way when you open it, but if you tried to trace it maybe the cut lines got set to “no cut” somehow.

  4. So when I tried to just open it up and test cut it without even resizing, it said it was cutting and then complete. So nothing ever happened. I spent an hour trying to figure out a way to do this with no luck at all. I would really love to make this sign. Do you think it could be b/c I don’t have the latest version of the software? I haven’t updated mine in a long time b/c I can’t figure out the new versions. Haha.

    • That does sound like it could be a software issue…have you tried unplugging/restarting your Silhouette and restarting the computer? Sometimes that helps when it’s being finicky. It could also be the software version…I *just* updated my software and this is the first file I created with the new version, so perhaps it’s a problem there. I just tried saving it as a “version 2” file and added a separate link to that in the Silhouette library, so you could go download that one and see if it works for you! So sorry for all the trouble, but I’m glad you’re persevering to make it work!

    • Hi Lynn, I actually mixed it myself…I wanted a dark charcoal gray, but all I had on hand was a medium gray, so I just mixed it with some black until I got the shade I wanted.

    • It’s just regular craft paint, I don’t even remember what brand I used. Any kind of craft paint should work! I let it dry completely between coats, except on the last coat I peel the stencil off while the paint is still wet.

  5. What kind of plywood did you use? Im worried about the texture on the ones I have. Did you sand it down perhaps?

    By the way, I just found your site and Im crazy in love. Thank you!

    • Thanks Jayme! Glad you found me :-) I used 1/2″ plywood, which is flat and smooth, though I did sand it lightly. You may be thinking of OSB, which is rough particle board – that wouldn’t work well for a sign. But any kind of solid plywood would work well.

  6. Thanks for sharing your awesome talents! So, I am working on the red truck picture but don’t understand how in the world you applied it? I used the pvpp method but after I painted over my vinyl, now I am stuck. I would usually just paint again different color and peel, but here you used different colors? Thanks for your help!

  7. Hello Meredoth, I love your reverseable sign… I was wondering if you did it all from scratch because I didn’t find a download link to download it.
    What font is the grateful design?

    • Thanks Joanne! The “grateful” design is from the Silhouette Design Store, it’s linked under the “Supplies” list. The Christmas Tree Farm design is one I did myself and it’s available in my Silhouette Library – the subscription box at the bottom of the post will get you access.

  8. […] A reversible Thanksgiving and Christmas farmhouse sign is a flexible and useful decor item that can be used for both seasons. It usually consists of a wooden board with Thanksgiving-themed statements or pictures on one side and Christmas-inspired artwork on the other. This dual-sided sign allows you to easily flip between Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, making it a practical and space-saving solution for farmhouse-style holiday decorations. Tutorial […]

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