21 Responses to ORC #6 – Industrial Farmhouse Office/Music Room REVEAL!

  1. What a beautiful room! I’ve been following the progress, and LOVE the final result! I know you must be thrilled with the outcome!

  2. I loved this room from day 1. That Steinway just stole my heart. And I love how there are different living spaces within the room, but it is totally cohesive. And oh my –that photo of your daughter and the guitar man! Swoon. You did an outstanding job with this makeover. Now it’s time to enjoy. Congrats! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. Oh my gosh I love every element! I love all the wall art so much. I also love Jupiter!! I think the best part was seeing your kids enjoy the space ❤️ Well done!!

  4. Lovely! (These are the same colors we have for our home color palette, so I am bookmarking this for inspiration!) I love the Jupiter melody too, but I didn’t learn it until I sang text set to it in college. I love that you walked down the aisle to it!

  5. So beautiful, Meredith. I love the colors, the pipe shelves, the piano, lamp – just the whole package. But I especially love the picture of the children enjoying music and life in general. You are a woman of many talents.

  6. You nailed it! Truly, every piece is just so beautifully selected or handmade. It’s hard to even choose a favorite…but those industrial shelves are pretty darn swoon-worthy. Props to your handy hubby! And air high five to you for the organizing and styling. What a tag-team. And I couldn’t help but smile so wide seeing the space put to good use with those beautiful musicians! You should be so very proud. I hope this space continues to breed musical inspiration and respite for you all!

  7. Meredith, You are NO novice,you have “the touch”! The changes to your room are beautiful-you’ve succeeded in marrying all three functions. Each area is impressive and so livable for you, Matt and the children. Good job – your home continues to be lovely!

  8. What a beautiful room Meredith! Wow! That piano is beautiful and so is your desk and all the décor! (I love the Come Thou Fount frame… I used a line from that hymn in my ORC makeover as well!) Congrats on an amazing makeover!

  9. Hya Meredith!
    I absolutely adore this room! I was actually drawn to read this post by seeing the farmhouse style framed sheet music, as I really want to make some for my music studio… but then to find out that they’re actually the Hymn section from the “Jupiter” score just made my day! I have a very similar memory of playing flute in my junior high school band, and can still remember the overwhelmingly magical feeling that we all felt while playing that specific section of the piece!! (And just finished listening to it on YouTube, as nostalgia set in!)
    So thank you for sharing your room makeover and projects, and thank you also for sharing your story and memories – as you have brought joy to my soul tonight!
    From Lisa in Nova Scotia, Canada ?? ??? ?❤️

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