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  1. This is really sound advice, Meredith…and I especially love your tip to hold out for a realtor you LOVE as well as NOT coming up with a wish list. We finally broke up with our realtor because we just didn’t quite feel he had our best interests at heart (and was a bit pushy) and we’re also finding we need to let go of the wish list because we were hunting for a home that didn’t exist. At least, not yet. ;-) Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us through this series! It’s so timely for us.

    • So smart of you to get rid of the Realtor you didn’t love…it will make all the difference in the process once you are seeing them multiple times a week to look at houses!

  2. This is such a useful read, thank you Meredith! We will be house-hunting ourselves in the Autumn, but I’m little nervous, so I’m reading on the subject a few months earlier. You must think I’m crazy, lol :D

    • Definitely not crazy, Sammy! I was reading up on the stuff (slightly obsessively) for months before we got serious about our house hunt! Best of luck – hope you find a great house :-)

  3. I really like your tip about finding a realtor and making sure that it is one that you love! My husband and I are going to be looking at homes for sale in the next few months so we will have to keep these tips in mind. We are really excited to start looking and hopefully, find a house that we can start our family in.

  4. Hi,so glad to have just found your series! Thank you for passing on all your wisdom onto us,new homebuyers.I didn’t think that I would ever be buying a new home but I truly appreciate your every word and experience that cannot be found in any book.I am beginning my home shopping out of state& will use all that you’ve shared!

  5. I like that you said that you should sit down and consider how you want to use your new home so you can pick the right one. I would like to buy a home soon so that I can have a more permanent place to live than my current apartment. Making a list and working with a realtor would probably help make sure that I could get the perfect home for me, so I’ll have to do that.

  6. Thank you for your advice to keep an eye on new listings. My sister isn’t looking for a new home, but she is looking for a new apartment. I’ll have to share this advice with her, since I think it could translate well to her apartment hunting.

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