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    • That is totally me! And of course at that point, the only options are something quick (and probably not super healthy or cheap, cause I usually go with a frozen skillet meal or frozen pizza) so I’m hoping this will help our nutrition and our wallets, too!

  1. wow this looks AWESOME!!! I like the flexibility that it offers, but what I really love is the ability to write down all of your favorite meals! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of faves that I tend to forget about but if the card was mixed in the envelope there’d be a way better chance of me remembering it! Great job, and way to think outside the box!! (p.s. I LOVE the wire racks)

    • Yup, that’s one of my issues too – I had a small list of our favorite “go-to” meals written down, but never really added to it, and it wasn’t easily accessible, so there are favorites that I haven’t made in months because I had just forgotten about them! I love that it’s easy to just pick up the tags and browse through them while making my grocery list. (And I have been looking for racks like that for a while, and they just appeared at HomeGoods the other day! I’m so excited I found them!!)

    • Sorry I can’t help you out with that, Sandra! But if you can find a place online that sells vinyl, I’m sure you can find a magnetic board somewhere locally…you could even use a white board if you can’t find a magnetic chalkboard!

  2. I don’t even know where to begin! The colors are amazing, the color coding is even better, and the fact that you can switch your meals around is just awesome. So many great little details. I want one of these!

    • Thanks Rachel! I knew there was no way I’d actually stick to a planned schedule, so I just left out the assigned days :-) I hope that will help me stay with it!

  3. This is great! I totally need to do better at meal planning. I used to do it but it didn’t last too long. And I must say… I LOVE those clips. lol

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week’s Catch a Glimpse Party. I will be featuring these tomorrow. :)

  4. The colors are amazing Meredith!! You did such a great job on this menu board! I am featuring these on Do Tell Tuesday tomorrow! Thanks so much for linking up:)

  5. I so would love to do this. I keep saying I need to make one but I do a new type of meal each week. I will have to find a fun way to add all the new recipes.

    Thanks so much for idea! Thankful for crafty hubs that can help us out in a pinch :)

    • You’re very welcome, Alexis! I tend to do the same thing…try lots of new recipes and then forget about them! This has been a great way to make sure I remember to come back to all of our favorites. And I agree, I am VERY thankful for my helpful hubby, I don’t know what I’d do without him…he’s helped me out in many a pinch!

    • I got it at HomeGoods! Though it took several different trips to find it…they didn’t have ANY around Christmas time, but finally when I went back in early January they had several to choose from!

  6. First of all, it’s a crying shame that I am JUST now getting over here to see this. Second, I’m SO glad I finally did because this is AMAZING! I don’t know what I love more – – the bright n’ bold color palette or the flexibility! It’s so true – – things inevitably come up and you do always end up changing things around – – so the 6 day flexible cycle is so genius. Well done, my dear. Well done.

  7. I love the menu board you made and the fonts used and colors are fantastic! I would love to make one but I cant seem to open the download due to it being a .studio file. Is there any way I can get the down load in a . pdf version or at least get the dimensions for the square grids so I can free hand one of my own?

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  9. Hi Meredith,
    I’m trying to duplicate your menu board. What type of paper did you use for the meal tags? And the lettering on the tag,is that cut using the silhouette machine or regular printer? I’m new to this silhouette thing!..LOL

    • Hi Nicole! I just used regular old colored card stock for the tags…I did a “print and cut” to make them, so the lettering is printed, then I used my Silhouette to cut them out. To do a print and cut, all you need to do is add registration marks to your design, then follow the prompts in the software to print, load into the Silhouette, and cut…it’s really pretty simple! Hope that helps, but if not, there are some great print and cut tutorials on YouTube!

  10. I’m always looking for better ways to keep track of our family meals. I love the board and labels you made! I have our kids pick the menu for a week, but I adjust the meals to different days according to our schedule. Thanks for the freebie and awesome post! (If you want, you can check out my post on meal planning). Your idea may just be what I need to add to our family’s planning system. Thanks! I needed that!

    • So glad you found this helpful! It’s so hard to keep track of everything, isn’t it? So fun that you let your kids pick the menu for the week…I bet that makes them excited for dinner each night!

  11. Meredith – I have five children. Only the first to ask the dreaded dinner question was given the answer. After that, I would say, “I answered that already,” and off she would go to find out who knew. Now that they are all grown, the question is no less tiresome (since often, I’m all the more busier these days and don’t have dinners planned out like I use to ;-). What a cute solution you have here.

    • Oh, that’s smart! I’ll have to implement that when my kids are a bit older…because I’m already tired of the question!!

  12. Hi! Thanks for the great idea, I love your board! Quick question, how do I find the shape in the Silhouette store?

    • Hi Katie! If you’re talking about the tags, they are one of the shapes in design #43588 in the store (just search for that number)…the grid and title I made myself and are free to download using the link in the post!

    • Hi Jayla, it is a cut file for use with Silhouette Studio only. It won’t show in the preview, but when downloaded it should open in Studio if you have the program downloaded on your Mac. Let me know if you still have trouble!

  13. “What’s For Dinner?” Menu Planning Board
    You could totally sell these. When I first saw the site I thought “oh I could buy this and save myself some time” then saw that it was a DIY. It’s absolutely beautiful and I wish I had the time, and craftiness, to make one myself. How much would you charge to make one for me??

    • Hi Amy, sorry, I don’t have them in any kind of a way that’s easily shareable! But I do have a lot of ideas for summer meals in the spreadsheet I made for this post.

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