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  1. The coffee table looks amazing, you did a great job! Who would have thought, that some sanding and applying a new coat of paint can do such miracles. The table practically looks like new without using a professional renovator, which is surprising.

    • Yes, I just used a sanding block…since I was painting the legs and not stripping them like I did on the top, I just needed to scuff them up enough for the paint to stick, so it wasn’t too hard.

  2. This came out wonderful! I actually found the same exact that I am working on now. Thanks so much for your helpful tips! I just ordered the paint you used after falling in love with the color. Can’t wait to try it! Quick question – what sandpaper grit did you use on the legs and on the top? Thank you!

    • Isn’t it a great color?? I just love it. I honestly don’t remember exactly what grit I used, I know for the legs I used just a medium grit sanding sponge to scuff them up so the paint would stick. For the top, I started with a rougher sandpaper to get the finish off and once I was down to the raw wood I used a finer finishing sandpaper to get it nice and smooth for the stain. Hope that helps! Have fun with your project :-)

  3. Hi Meredith, sorry for asking multiple questions! I just finished the first coat of mineral paint but wanted to ask you what brush you used before I continue with the second coat. I know Fusion sells specific paint brushes but they may not be worth purchasing. From your pictures, the finish looks flawless with little to no brush stroke marks. Could you please share how you were able to achieve that? Did you sand after painting with a very fine grit? Thanks for your help!

    • I just used a nice quality paint brush we already owned (likely a Purdy brand one) – I didn’t use any of the special paint brushes that Fusion sells. I don’t remember for sure but I’m pretty sure I did sand with a very fine grit between coats. There definitely are some brush marks visible if you look closely at the finished table but nothing super obvious or flawed looking. Fusion paint is really great at self-leveling so it fills in and levels as you paint. Hope that helps! :-)

    • The legs were real wood but the top of the table was just veneer. I sanded through it in just a few spots around the edges, but I was going for a distressed look so it worked out and looked fine!

  4. Wow, Meredith, that’s a fantastic job, what a transformation. You’ve inspired me to tackle my own coffee table. Thankyou, for all the detailed steps.

  5. The link to the paint stripper isn’t working. Could you list the brand or fix link. Thanks! I love this look and want to do it with a dining table

    • Hi there! It looks like the stripper we used has been discontinued. The type we used was Klean Strip “Strip-X”. It looks like they’ve replaced it with Klean Strip “Premium Stripper”. Hope that helps!

  6. The table looks terrific – I have the same project to do. Can you tell me how you applied the stain and polyurehtane – with brushes or wiped on?

    • It’s been a few years since I did this project, but believe I wiped on both. I definitely did for the stain but I may have used a foam brush for the poly.

  7. I love this! My boyfriend has the EXACT same coffee table and I have been dying to redo it now that we are living together and this is exactly what I had in mind! We are going to try and recreate your masterpiece this weekend

  8. This is my exact coffee table and I adore how this turned out! Thanks for the suggestion, I can’t wait to bring mine into this century. :)

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