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    • Thanks so much Marilyn! This was as much a reminder to me as a post for the masses, too. I am glad to know I’m not alone in thinking this way!

  1. I love your strategy Meredith. Good to hear your point of view, as I was actually thinking that maybe I wasn’t posting frequently enough but was wondering how I’d find the time to ramp it up.
    Maybe I don’t need too :)

    • Thanks Pam! And I totally agree, I don’t think you need to…unless you’ve got a bunch of great posts up your sleeve, in which case, go for it! But I definitely wouldn’t stress out about trying to increase your post frequency if you don’t have the time!

  2. Meredith, this is SO great. Thank you for sharing your thoughts- it is very helpful and freeing. I just get so stressed about what the “right” thing to do is, it makes it not fun anymore.

    • I am right there with you, Amanda! I can’t lie, I still get caught up in that stress and guilt every once in a while, so I wrote this post as much as a reminder to myself as anything!

  3. What a great post! As a blogger, I can relate to everything you mentioned. I too, feel the tugging of a necessary post even when I don’t have a quality recipe to share. Although I usually have the best of intentions to post regularly, I usually end up posting when I can, and only when I feel my recipe is one readers will enjoy. Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling this way. But I do truly believe that both the blogger and the readers are better off when it’s only quality stuff being posted!

  4. Love your approach to sharing killer content rather than scrambling for filler content. I’m SO with you on that! And while a year ago or even a few months ago, I would have felt guilty for just posting once a week, I’m learning to love this more-balanced pace – – and thankfully, my numbers aren’t declining like I expected they would. Win-win! Off to pin this goldmine of a post. Thanks for your candidness!

    • Thanks, friend! To be honest, I really started picking up on this about a year and a half ago after a conversation we had in our sassy FB group…you shared some similar viewpoints and it was so freeing for me! So thank you for the part you played in adjusting my blogging mentality!

  5. Wow. One of the best “behind the scenes” blogging posts I’ve read. I have only been blogging for about a month and I can’t see keeping a strict schedule with my two littles. At this point my blog is for fun. It’s way too new to earn money (though it would be great if it got there someday) so I agree that it doesn’t make sense to take the fun out of it by trying to fill it with stuff that doesn’t inspire me. Even if it did earn money it wouldn’t be worth it to do that! I definitely think you can still have a sense of purpose without a strict schedule, and I imagine THAT is what most readers really want. Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks so much, Nicole! I can’t even tell you how great it is that you have a handle on this concept so early in your blog…I think many people who start a blog (myself included) get so obsessed with wanting it to grow fast and be successful, they quickly forget why they started it in the first place! Best of luck as you begin the crazy (and fun!) journey of blogging :-)

  6. Well Amen to all of that! I have a job and 3 teenagers so my blog is supposed to just be fun for me, a chance to share my projects etc. I will stop the minute it’s not fun any more but it is so easy to get swept along with what you think your ought to be doing. We moved just under a month ago and our internet was off for 3 long weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog had managed nicely without me!

  7. I was literally thinking about writing a post much like this. I have 4 kids and my mom time is my most important, my life is crazy and hectic and when I try to schedule my posts I feel like I miss out on my most important job of being a mom. When everything works out great I can get a blog post done and when it doesn’t I don’t beat my self up about it because my time with my family trumps it all. Thank you for this post, its so nice to know Im not alone in the not scheduling department. :)

  8. Wait, did I write this post, or did you?? This speaks to me so much, and I’m at about a quarter of your monthly PV. I’ve gotten more regular with my posts, but that has more to do with a stockpile of projects waiting to be posted, rather than anything else . I work a 40hr job, have an 8mo old and 4yr old in part time care, and strive for a clean house. Something has to give! I started to not sweat the “three times a week” threshold, since I’ve never attained it anyway! :) Love this, and good for you and all your success!

    • Oh, I wish I could keep ahead with a bunch of projects ready to be posted! I had that briefly in January when I was preparing for a little maternity leave, it was SUCH a great feeling!! Kudos to you for being able to stay ahead – with two kiddos too! I am still adjusting to even less free time with two kids than I had with one, I hope to be able to get back into blogging a bit more regularly, but in the meantime I’m definitely not stressing about it. Thanks for your sweet words!

  9. This is so refreshing! I recently made the same discovery. I have a 3 year old and a new baby, and while I was on my “blog maternity leave” I was able to really put things in perspective. It’s freeing not to have a schedule, and the quality of my posts has improved pretty dramatically as well. Even though it goes against all the advice, my blog is growing faster now because I’m posting about what I’m passionate about and not just because the calendar says it’s due.

    • It’s so counterintuitive, isn’t it? Post LESS often and you’ll grow your blog faster? But I’ve found it to be true, too! And I enjoy it so much more. I just wish I would have figured it out from the beginning! You are so right – post what you’re passionate about, and the readers will find you.

  10. Thank you so much for this post! It encouraged me to “just breathe.” I’ve been starting to feel a bit bogged down by blogging lately and, after reading your post, I realize it’s because I’m trying to crank out posts and am not enjoying it in the process. Not to mention, I’ve got three kiddos and one on the way to take care of. When I feel pressured to write a post, it just makes me an all-around cranky person. I like the idea of not having a schedule, so I think I’ll take a breather and utilize your suggestion of only posting when I really have something to share.

    I’m stopping by from the Work It Wednesday blog hop and am now a new follower! :)

    • Wow, I’m impressed that you found time to leave a comment let alone have your own blog with 3 kiddos at home!! Major gold stars to you…I can only hope that when we get to kid #3 I am still standing on my feet at the end of the day :-) Letting go of that schedule is SO freeing, I really encourage you to try it!

  11. Ok, the whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking “This is MEEEE!” Seriously, I can relate to *everything* you wrote….even down to the sadness when your daughter dropped to one nap (my son just started only napping once a day, and it’s been a huge adjustment for us….and a big killer of my crafting time!). I’m starting to lighten up on myself and not panic when my self-imposed blog “rules” aren’t being followed, and your post here helped to put everything back into perspective. Thanks for sharing this!!

    • Gosh losing that morning nap is just brutal, isn’t it? I’m glad that this post can help you through it a bit! Definitely cut yourself some slack…it’s so hard to fit everything into the day, especially when there’s a little person demanding your attention for most of your waking hours!!

  12. Honestly this is something I needed to read today. I found myself agreeing with everything you had to say and it is encouraging that I’m not the only one who believes it is possible to go against all the things we hear that we “must” do to be a blogger. I’m really in a blogging rut right now trying to do everything “right” and not enjoying it at all.

    I’d love if you’d be willing to share this inspiration at my link party today. There are a lot of bloggers who need to read this!!! Have a great day!

    • Jamie, I’m so glad this post spoke to you! Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to do what we know we need to do. Heading over to link up now!!

  13. I feel the same way you do!
    I actually have tons of ideas and projects made and realized when sorting pictures that I have over 50 projects made and photographed already. It’s harder for me to sit down and get the posts out, and I just try to take it easy and get to it when I can.
    Are there bloggers out there who are more “successful” that I am at this point in the blogging experience? Of course- lots of them- but I am happy the way I’m doing it.
    When I began blogging, I didn’t realize that money could be made from it. I did it because I enjoyed it. I’m happy to say that I still love it. :)

  14. I was posting every day this month, following prompts that I’d found. I discovered that my blog hits actually went down during the first week of May. I tabled the daily blogging after that. I for sure do Mondays, because I host a link up, and Fridays usually, but I have two blogs (allthevs.com and janus-lane.com) and a schedule would kill me. I’m too invested in living life away from the computer for that!

  15. Reading this over a year later but find it very helpful for a new blogger (who happens to be a mom) trying to find her way! A new journey with tons of info out there (some a little intimidating), but I found this comforting and realistic. Thanks so much!

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