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  1. Thank you for this blog as I just got my the cameo a few weeks ago and it came with this box, so this has been a huge help. I have been using this as a guide to help me. I am getting ready to put on the “decorations” and noticed you created your numbers, i had thought they were stickers. Did you measure each box to figure out what size font you need for each number? Thanks!

    • Hi Debby! This is a great beginner’s project…it will really help you learn your way around the machine! I used the rectangle tool in Silhouette Studio as I was cutting out each drawer and “drew” a rectangle the same size as the front of the drawer – then I used that as my sizing guide for creating the numbers. You can use any font you want for the numbers! I cut some of mine out of printable gold foil, and the others I cut out of double sided adhesive and then added glitter. Hope that is helpful!

  2. How did you make sure they were going to cut out the correct size to fit into the designated spot on advent calendar? The “default sizes” appear to be too large. I just cut box 10 and it is way to big.

    Thank You

    • Hi Jennifer, I just used the designs from the download card that came with the shadowbox…they were definitely a tight fit in the boxes but they did fit perfectly. Make sure you’ve got the right side up on your shadowbox, I think I had trouble at first because I had it turned the wrong way. Or maybe you resized it accidentally? Sorry I can’t be more help, I know that mine fit without having to do any tweaking though!

  3. I love this advent calendar, I tried to purchase on the site you suggested but nothing comes up.
    Could you please help me try to purchase I would like to make 5


  4. Meredith,

    I’m so sorry I missed out on these. They are so cute! I want one. I thought I would be able to purchase, but they are discontinued. I think I will try to make the shadowbox myself. But I need to know the dimensions. I think the outside measures 15 x 15, but will you tell me the dimensions for the inside cubbies? I’d be most appreciative!

    • I’m sorry Cheryl, my box is packed away who-knows-where right now with all my Christmas decorations! Silhouette does have a triangle shaped shadowbox advent calendar similar to this one, and I believe it will be on sale in October.

  5. Thanks for showcasing all the ideas of how to decorate these! I’m wondering if there is any chance you have the download code or the file on hand that you could email me? I’m going to call them today too, but I bought this several years ago and didn’t actually get it set up – it’s my goal for this year :) I’m calling Silhouette now too…

    • I bet Silhouette will be able to help you out! I don’t think I have the download code any more…but if you can’t get your hands on the files send me an email and I’ll see what I can dig up.

  6. Hey! Do you still have the files for the boxes and drawers for this? I bought this from someone online before I saw that it was discontinued and I really would like the files. Any way that you could send them to me? I asked Silhouette and they said they don’t have the files anymore. :(

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