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  1. Wow, your daughter is way ahead of the class. Congrats! I can’t wait to print these out and share them with my 2 and 4 year-olds. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. Love.

    • Thanks for the free download. Going to make a set for my Great grandson. And also for the Little one’s at church who stay in class as adults go to mass.They are so cute. Downloaded my with no problem. God Bless You.

    • Sure thing Debbie! Sorry for the trouble. I switched it to being hosted on my site, so hopefully no one else will have any problems!

  2. Hello! I’m having trouble with the PDF file. It’s only loading and printing some of the pages. I’m not able to print pages 2-4. Is there any way you could email me? Thank you!

  3. Hi. I would love to use these with my three year old. I think they are awesome! Only problem is the link doesn’t work. I see from the comments you have emailed them to other followers. Is that a possibility? Thanks.

    • Hi Jenni, are you trying to click on the PDF download or the .studio download? If you don’t have a Silhouette then the .studio file won’t work for you, you’ll need just the regular PDF. Some folks were having a problem with the download link originally but I’ve since switched it around and it seems to be working fine on my end now…if you’re still having trouble, though, let me know and I’ll be happy to email it to you!

  4. Hi! I love these for my 1st Grader!!! Thanks for sharing! Do you have a file with each verse in 1 page? I want to post it on our wall so my son will always see it. Thanks!

  5. Hi Meredith!
    I just downloaded your file today and cannot wait to get started on these verses with my 3 yo daughter. Maybe my almost 2 yo son will catch on as well! Thanks so much for putting this together for us parents who are trying to sow Truth from a young age. Bless you!

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear that!! You are very welcome, it’s my pleasure…I’m just glad that other parents out there like you can (and are) using them too!

  6. Hi there! Love the cards. I have been wanting to try something similar with my children. I would love it if one day, when they need it, a memory verse they learned this way came to their mind a the right time. I had a question for you. I have older children, ages 6 and 10, and loved your borders but wanted to use different (longer) verses on some of the letters. Is there a way I can edit your file to change out the verses? I’d appreciate any help you can give!

  7. I would like to use these cards with a group of people we meet weekly for Bible stories. The are residents of a facility that services those needing memory support. These cards will be a blessing.

    Thank you!

  8. So i don’t have a laminator but could i use laminating sheets and it would be the same process as if i had a laminator with my cameo?

  9. Hi Meredith!
    I LOVE these memory cards. Thank you SO much for providing them for free! I use a Cricut machine which I know is like the Silhouette. I was wondering if you know if anyone has created a cut form for the Cricut like the one you have for your Silhouette. I am having trouble getting things to line up and cut them correctly.

    • Sorry Sandra, I don’t know of any…I’m not familiar with the Cricut software to be able to know how their version of print-and-cut works :-/ You could always print and cut out the PDF by hand, or try to load it into your Cricut software and add your own outlines somehow? Sorry I can’t help more!

  10. Your L scripture reference is incorrect. I just thought I would let you know it say Mark 18:30. There is not one. It is Matthew 22:37. Otherwise we love these

  11. Just googling for some Scripture card ideas for myself and came across this. I love these Meredith! I had something like this as a kid from camp and loved it! Thanks for sharing them. I’m going to hop over to IG and follow you as well, but I wanted to say thanks here. My girls will love these, especially as my oldest can mostly read on her own now and will love having them to do herself. Yay!

    Random side note, but if you can track down a copy of the album Critter County by Christine Wyrtzen from the 80s, you’ll love it. It is a kids’ album where they visit different animals in a zoo and every animal corresponds with a letter of the alphabet and sings a song with a verse that starts with that letter. Super fun. We sing them together all the time. It’s one of those albums that isn’t annoying to adults. :)

    • No, unfortunately .studio files are only compatible with the Silhouette Studio software. I don’t have this one converted to an SVG, sorry!

  12. Hello,
    We would like to print these and give them to our families at church to practice at home. Do we need to pay for the download for that purpose?

    • No, I’m sorry, I don’t. A newer machine has nothing to do with the alignment though. If you’re printing the file from Silhouette Studio (and not the PDF) you shouldn’t have any problems. I’d check your page size settings in Silhouette Studio and also make sure your printer settings aren’t adjusting the print size.

  13. Thank you so much for this! I started using these cards with my oldest daughter 6 years ago and used these cards to help teach the alphabet when she was 3! My son used them as well and now my third kid is learning them now. I homeschool so I use the memory verses as copywork/handwriting for my older two while teaching my younger one to memorize the verses! I’ve even shared this with my sister who made a giant canvas with them all on it and has it hanging in her living room – The ABC’s of Life!

    • Oh, it makes my heart happy to hear this!! I’m so glad they were helpful to you. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thank you for this free printable download.
    My Sunday school children love that each week they will receive a new memory verse.

    Just want to bring to your art the L has the incorrect scripture

    There is no Mark 18:30
    It should be Matthew 22:37

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