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  1. Meredith, THANK YOU so very much for sharing the tutorial. We will be on road trips a lot this season and this is a great idea! I have been thinking to buy magnetic toy for them but hey why not making them, right? :D

  2. I would totally buy some blank tins from you to make my own. Wanna sell some? Shoot me an email – eahern at live dot com

  3. What a great idea! I would love to make one for my son… I even have the magnetic paper! Just have to chase down one of those cases, unless you’re willing to part with one. :)

  4. This is adorable! I wish you could buy the DVD cases in smaller quantities, if you decide to sell some blank ones I would love some!

  5. Oh goodness! I need to make these for my twin granchildren! Just fabulous! I’m guessing after all the requests above you have no tins left haha!

  6. I would also love to buy some blank cases if you have any left and want to sell them. I would love to make a few different magnet twins for my three year old boy, he would love them!

  7. Adorable!! Did you put anything on top of the animal cutouts to protect them?

    Also, if you’re interested in selling some cases, I’d be interested in buying a dozen or so.

    • Hi Laura, I created my cut files from clip art that I purchased from Etsy, so I cannot share it. I did link to the clip art in the blog post if you’re interested in purchasing them yourself, though.

  8. If I send you a receipt from the buyer on etsy showing you I purchased the same clip art, would you share the silhouette file? What you did in photoshop is beyond me! :)

  9. I love how effortless you make all of your DIYs, this one in particular. I love it…my daughter is only 4 months old but I’m already thinking of great things I can DIY for her. I definitely like that we’re subscribed to your email list so we get to see all your latest projects :)

  10. Hi there,

    If you haven’t already used them all or sold them all, i’d definitely buy some dvd cases – or completed magnetic farms from you too.

    What brilliance!

    :) Katie

    • Yes, those are an option! They were smaller than what I wanted for this project, though. But I’m sure you could use them for lots of clever little things!

    • I don’t currently sell them Alaina…just not enough hours in the day! Sorry! You might find something similar on Etsy, though!

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