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    • Thanks Sam! I love to use the amazing powers of the Silhouette every chance I get :-) I may be a bit obsessed…

    • Thanks so much, Emily! I hope you can use it, it’s so much fun…everyone at the shower really enjoyed it (or they faked it well, haha)

  1. This is such a cute idea! I like how you made it into TWO different games… I could also see this being used as a group “Newlywed” game or something.

    • Thanks Mackenzie! This would definitely be a fun concept for a newlywed game too, or something at a co-ed shower!!

  2. Now THIS is a party game I would actually look forward to playing at a shower! I wish we would have done something like this at the baby shower my mom threw for us a couple years ago when I was pregnant with my son. We had a joint baby shower and my husband felt a little weird staying the whole time….he kept saying “Showers are for women!” If I had this game it would have been easier to convince him to stay with all us ladies. :) Thanks for the great idea and the free files!

    • Haha I know, my husband was around to watch the kids for this shower and was visibly uncomfortable each time he walked through the party! But this would be a great game for a joint shower, too, definitely not too girly at all. Thanks Christine!

  3. So glad I came across your site. Love this idea for my upcoming baby shower. Would you be willing the share the font name you used for the Mommy or Daddy statements? I’m very particular about these sorts of things… :)

  4. This is awesome! Meredith, do you know of a program I can download the lip and mustaches file with? On my computer it is saying it is a .studio file and I don’t have anything compatible. Thanks!

    • No worries! They are just cut files with outlines of lips and mustaches…you should be able to search for some free clip art images to print and cut out your own by hand without a Silhouette if you’d like!

  5. This is fantastic! I’m going to use at a baby shower this weekend and I expect it to be a hit. Thank you for sharing!

  6. What fonts did you use for the Mommy 0r Daddy questions portion? I’m having the worst time finding something even close to it! Thank you!

    • Hi Elizabeth, the font I used was “KG somebody that I used to know” – it’s a free font so you should be able to google it and download it!

  7. […] even give a small prize away to those who guess right! Activity 2: He Said/She Said Meredith, with Unoriginal Mom proves her name with this game. Get to know the mom and dad of the upcoming bundle. Have both mom […]

  8. Hi!

    This game sounds fun. However, would this game work if it is not a co-ed shower. I am having difficulty with the games on my to-do list. Some seem so lame. PLEASE help!

    • Sure! All the guests are doing are guessing whether they think the fact is about the Mommy or Daddy/Bride or Groom – doesn’t matter who is playing it. I’ve only ever done it at female-only showers, actually…but it would work at co-ed showers too.

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