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  1. I am currently a member of the VIP, my husband and I both signed up together. We are canceling our subscription. There are several reasons but the top reason is the price. We are paying for two subscriptions to the VIP, and our coach only interacts with me. She gives me my husbands numbers when we make changes to our macros. She is very unresponsive, unless you are advertising for her. We do not put our business on Facebook except on her FWTFL page. I had a macro day that I hit all “0” remaining – and I couldn’t even get a good job. If I could maintain the workouts without a coach, I would keep at least once account. We signed up under a friend of ours who is an affiliate for the coach. And this is kind of ruining our friend ship. When the “friend” showed up at the house to “visit” she was taking note of what was in my kitchen food wise.
    Looking for a way to contact corporate to maybe change coaches or find another way to remain in the program. It does work, but we have lost the support of this team.

  2. I like the workouts but couldn’t keep up with all the counting and balancing of the macros long term… plus the price is just too much. It’s $99 / mo now! The app is really great now and takes the place of the other apps they used to recommend. .could you tell me what work out you’re following? I need a replacement!

    • Ugh, it seems like they change the format of the program 3x/year. I can’t keep up with it. The value of it for me was in learning how/why to track macros, but there are so many places online that do that now, it’s definitely not worth that price tag. The macros were the best part of it for me actually…I really didn’t like their workouts too much, haha. I’ve actually just come back to tracking macros again, and it gets easier every time I do it! I do workouts through BODi (formerly known as Beachbody) – I’m not a coach, just a subscriber. I really love their workout programs and the variety of programs available. And compared to $99/month for FasterWay, it’s an absolute steal! Ha. Send me an email if you’d like a referral to my Beachbody coach – she’s absolutely fabulous, and really invests in her customers as whole human beings.

  3. I’m currently doing a 6 week program and I’m really enjoying it. However, I agree that once you learn the basics, you can absolutely do it on your own without paying the membership fee! Do you have any recommendations for an app to use for tracking macros after?

    • I’ve been using the free version of MacrosFirst for about a month now and LOVE it! It’s so much better than the free version of My Fitness Pal. It has barcode scanning too!

  4. Thank you, Meredith for these FWTFL Reviews. I’m currently in the VIP and really enjoying the journey of learning. Overwhelming, at times… Yes. When I’m eating clean, I’m lacking in movement. When I’ve nailed the movement/workouts, my eating could be better. Signing up with a local friend would have been key! With that being said I signed up for the VIP Program with a MidLife Coach. Considering it an investment into SELF. I’m age 53; and my coach is the same age. She is super personable, partners with an emotional eating coach, and replies promptly. Super pleased so far! Down 4lbs and feeling strong and healthy.

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