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  1. I love your version of the Magnolia wreath! My husband and I just purchased a manufactured home from the 90’s and are in the process of renovating parts of it that were abused. I don’t have the money for the luxuries of decorating so I am remaking what I have–repainting and so forth. I do have the materials for this wreath and I thank you for sharing this on your blog. You have a new follower!

  2. I love your wreath, so am gonna try it, but where did you get your coat holder at? I have been looking everywhere for one like that.

  3. Hey friend!!!
    I just made this tonight, yours is much cuter. But I love mine sooooo much. I’d love to collaborate with you on Instagram or Facebook???
    Your ideas are amazing, thank you for all your tips and helpful hints! This college girl is thankful ??

    Instagram : hanna__freeman
    Hanna Freeman on Facebook

  4. I am so excited that I found your blog on Pinterest! I love this tutorial and can’t wait to try it! I can definitely relate to everything you wrote about here. I’m scared to tackle projects for fear that they won’t be perfect. Well, no more! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I’m going to stalk your blog and IG account for more inspiration ?

    • Oh, thanks so much Lezlie!! I’m so glad you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet :-) And yay, perfectionists-throwing-perfectionism-out-the-window unite! I still struggle with it but it’s been so helpful to just pick some projects and DO THEM. See you around IG! :-)

  5. I love your wreath, it is absolutely beautiful! I also live in PA, and we have a huge old Magnolia tree in the back yard. So if you ever think about wanting to plant one in this zone, do it! It’s worth it :)

  6. HI – I love your wreath, we too live in central PA and have a magnolia tree that is doing great. You should plant one, I am a huge Joanna fan as well.

    • Oh Kim, that’s good to know! I would love to have a magnolia tree! (And based on your email address we must live in the same town ;-)

  7. I love it that your budget reflects the situation that most of us have and I have to say that’s to your advantage.

    Fabulous, high budget, glossy, shiney blog posts are just great and lovely but when it comes right down to it, most of us are in the same boat as the one you’re in.

    Keep on showing us what you’re up to.

    You’ve experienced what happens when glossy posts are the norm. It sort of becomes an obstacle in the road.

    There’s plenty of room in the niche of “making ends meet”.
    I’m confident that what you’re doing will be a hit because you are working with what you have on a tight budget.

    I don’t think you’re being fair to yourself when say you lack vision. I think you’ll find that you do have vision when you look around you and really see what you’ve done.

    You’re going to make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are fabulous and sometimes they are just learning experiences. Either way, you and the rest of us can learn from it.

    I can see what you’re doing and I think you’re doing just fine.

    Keep it up.

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