Under the Sink Organization: Before and After!
Here’s how I tackled under the sink organization in our kitchen sink cabinet – it’s practical, functional, and pretty, too! An easy run down on how to organize under the kitchen sink.     I’ve said it before…I am NOT a naturally organized person. It’s something I have to work at purposefully. I can clean out spaces over and over, but inevitably they’ll just go back to being a mess…unless I work to put together some kind of organizational system that fits the needs of that space. It is more work up front, and usually a […]
Free Valentine’s Day Treat Printables
  Our kids get to give and receive a TON of fun Valentines to their friends at school, but then somewhere between childhood and adulthood, giving Valentines shifts from a friend-only thing to a romantic-only thing. And it’s all about overpriced roses and jewelry and chocolate instead of simple notes to say “I love you” or “I’m glad you’re in my life.” There’s never a wrong time of year to tell your friends you care about them, but Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to do it. So, I decided to make some Valentine treats to give […]
DIY Etched Fingerprint Necklace
  For Mother’s Day TWO years ago, my husband gave me a handmade necklace with both of my children’s birthstones on it. How sweet, right? The only caveat was, I had to pick out what I wanted on Etsy and order it myself. Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to that yet. For a while, I just couldn’t decide on what style I wanted…and then it just fell through the cracks. Maybe someday I’ll actually get around to ordering one, but in the meantime I’ve still been wanting some “mom jewelry” like that to wear – […]
Multi-Purpose Laundry Closet Organization Solutions
I’ve been talking a lot lately about organization and clutter solutions and the goals I have for getting organized, so I figured it was time to show you I’m not just all talk ;-) I’m sharing a fun before-and-after of our laundry closet organization today, and a few ideas for multi-purpose laundry closet organization solutions!     This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure.   A theme in my life lately has been paralyzation-by-perfectionism. I’ve always had perfectionist tendances, but I didn’t realize until recently how much they were holding me […]

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