Announcing…The Baby Shower Book!
I am BEYOND excited to share with you the launch of my very first eBook…The Baby Shower Book! I’ve been working on this behind-the-scenes for several months now (and dreaming about writing an eBook for even longer), so today is a big day for me.   Let me tell you a bit about the story of how The Baby Shower Book came to be. Over the past few years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the subject of baby showers…kind of by accident. It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened that way. I’ve hosted several showers and […]
Navy Blue, White, and Coral Graduation Party
  My baby sister Ronnie graduated from Penn State University a few weeks ago and my parents threw her a graduation party…naturally, I helped with the decorations :-)  I wanted to do more than just Penn State’s colors of blue and white, so I went with navy blue, white, and coral as an accent color.  I am just loving that combination of colors, and it’s so trendy right now!   I already showed you the Dr. Seuss Graduation Gift I made for her – that was one of the centerpieces on the table along with her […]
“Great Moms Get Promoted to Grandmas” – Mother’s Day Gift Idea & HTV Tutorial
  My mom’s birthday was last week, and I couldn’t resist getting a little bit crafty and making her a t-shirt for one of her gifts.  She’s been a grandma for almost two years now, and has surprisingly little “Grandma Gear” to speak of, so it was high time to rectify that situation!   I’ve seen the phrase “Great moms get promoted to Grandmas” floating around Pinterest in a few different variations and thought it would be a fun gift for my mom.  It would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for a grandma, too! […]
Chevron Pallet Mounted Hanging Mason Jar Vase
I am super excited to be joining with some bloggy buddies of mine to bring you an April Fool’s Day Trendy Challenge!  We were chatting one day and thought it would be fun to see just how many craft trends we could fit into a single (legit) project…and of course, what better day to celebrate Trendfest 2014 than April Fool’s Day!  And so, friends, I give you: a Chevron-Painted Pallet Mounted Hanging Mason Jar Vase with a Washi Tape Chalkboard and Flowers Wrapped in Burlap and Twine.     The original vision for this project […]

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The Baby Shower Book


  • 46 page eBook with step-by-step planning tips + lots of crafty inspiration
  • Printable Planning Toolkit to stay organized with every detail
  • Games & Activities Pack with 20 printable baby shower games to choose from!