35 Responses to Under the Sink Organization: Before and After!

  1. Perfectly done! You inspired me to get busy with mine! I have so much more stuff than you that needs to find another home! Thank you for great ideas!

    • Oh thanks so much Mari! It’s so nice to get rid of all the extra stuff from under there and have it nice and organized :-)

  2. The Amazon review says the small boxes are “stackable” but not “nestable,” meaning they could slide all over. Do they?

    • Oh no they stack securely with a kind of groove on the bottom of each drawer that fits inside the top of the one underneath it. No sliding at all, they’re sturdy!

  3. I just ordered the larger acrylic drawers to put in my dresser cabinet to sort and store cosmetics and face and body lotions.

    Love how your kitchen sink cabinet looked in the “after” pix.

    I moved in as a caregiver for my Mom and I did under her kitchen sink – it really makes you feel good when you can reach in time after time and it stays organized!

  4. I love the before and after! Looks great! Could u tell me where u we’re able to find the lettering to label each container?

      • I have been trying to look for vinyl letters I can buy that look like that but no luck. Would you be interested in selling labels to me due to me not owning a silhouette machine? Or would u know a website I could have these made?

  5. Excellent work, especially the container idea. If you want to use even more space, the internal part of the cabin doors is an area to consider. Different small objects like scrubbing brushes, for instance, could be hanged there on sticky wall hooks.

  6. Thank you for the inspiration to organize my under the sink cabinet! I bought a silhouette and can’t wait to learn to use it. What size labels did you make?

    • Oh you will LOVE your Silhouette! I cut them all to the size of the containers I was using, so I don’t have an exact measurement…when doing labels like this I usually measure the size of the surface and then use the rectangle tool in Silhouette Studio to draw that size on the screen, and then size my design inside that. Hope that helps!

  7. Some very good ideas here. I particularly like the turned around towel bar (although the tabs showing on the outside would bug me). I also like the grommets and hooks idea. I have tried the clips for gloves but found the clipping/unclipping hard to manage. Tension rods are the best for so many things!

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