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    • They are so fun to make for shower gifts! I have a stash of pre-washed onesies left over from a shower I hosted a few months ago, and it’s been great to just grab a couple to whip up as gifts whenever I need.

      • The pearl necklace file is a cut file from another blogger, I linked to it in the post above, so you should be able to download it from her site directly.

    • Hi Lauren, it does pretty well if you do it right! The key is to prewash your garment before you apply the HTV, and take your time applying it with lots of heat and pressure, even ironing it inside out. Then once it’s applied, always wash/dry it inside out. I probably washed my daughter’s first birthday onesie at least a dozen times and it held up great!

  1. these are adorable! so excited to meet baby E next week and to visit with little miss Adelynn (and you too, I guess :P)

  2. I’ve been looking at a silhouette for awhile. I was excited to use your code, but when I tried it today it said “this item is currently unavailable.” Any ideas? I wanted to buy through your blog instead of amazon or overstock.com.

    • Hi Jessica, thanks so much for wanting to support my blog – I SO appreciate it! I checked with Silhouette and it is a glitch in the system somehow, they are working on resolving it…I will let you know once they tell me it’s fixed! The promo bundles should still be good until July 5, once they fix the issue with the website. I will be in touch once I hear back that it’s fixed!!

  3. SO loving the cuteness over here! And these are extra special to me because I’m a Grove City grad and my sister is a Penn State grad! LOVE!
    Also, your post could not have come at a more perfect time. I wanted to make a shirt with my Silhouette and the HTV, but the tank top I was going to use is somewhat stretchy (kind of like onesies, but maybe a smidge stretchier). How does that work with HTV? Is it so well bonded that it will stretch with it? Or should I choose another material that wouldn’t stretch as much? Thanks so much for your help, Meredith! Hope you’re having a great week!

    ~Abby =)

    • Thanks Abby, so glad you like them! (I made them for the daughter of our mutual friend and Grove City grad Robbie H!) I’ve never tried using HTV on ribbed tank tops before, but some folks in our facebook group have had trouble with it not adhering well or stretching too much after being worn…I think the solution that they’ve come up with is to use a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint on ribbed material like that. HTV on onesies holds up really well, though…the one I made for my daughter’s first birthday went through at least a dozen washes/dries and I never had a problem!

  4. Hello! I am thinking about getting a Silhouette for my bday. I was looking through Pinterest at Silhouette ideas and came across this post. These onesies are *adorable*, plus the pin caught my eye b/c I’m a PSU grad ;-) I was just wondering if you would be willing to share how you cut out the Nittany Lion? Thank you in advance!

    • I bought the Cameo (eek!) and figured out how to cut the PSU logo. It was my first cut, actually! So you can disregard my question. Thank you for the inspiration! This post is what put me over the edge to buy the Cameo ;-)

  5. Hi! My mum bought a silouette and is now expirementing and looks to her daugter to give her new ideas, so I found the onsie with the necklace and like it a lot, my best friend just had a girl so I would really like my mum to make one like that, but I can’t find the stencil in the silouette store for nulmer 60060 … could you please help me ???

    • Hi Anke, the necklace file is actually a file created by another blogger, Crafty Jac – the link to her blog is in the blog post above! You can download the file directly from her site. It is one of my favorites for onesies! :-)

  6. Omg I just came across this post and I want one of those PSU onesies?? Any chance you’d consider selling them on Etsy???

  7. What a great idea, my question is where do you find such nice looking onsies that are blank? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find nice quality onsies without some kind of design on them already. Thanks

    • The white ones are just plain old Gerber brand onesies, they come 4 or 5 to a pack and you can find them at Walmart or Target or pretty much anywhere baby stuff is sold. Walmart carries a brand called “child of mine” that I actually like better than Gerber onesies because the fabric is a little bit thicker and they hold up better. For solid colored onesies, you can find those at Hobby Lobby or sometimes at Michael’s. I’ve also used RIT dye to color a white onesie and it worked well – https://www.unoriginalmom.com/diy-personalized-onesie/

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