23 Responses to Review: Refresh Your Towels with Baking Soda & Vinegar

  1. Yes! I heard about this a few years ago. When I spent a lot of money on our new towels, I vowed to wash them with vinegar every single time. It makes such a big difference!

  2. Thanks for your article, I’m going to try that too. And I recommend a drying rack if you can’t have a clothesline in the garden. That way, you can put the drying rack outside when it’s warm enough.

    All the best

    • I don’t have a clothesline, and have never thought to simply move my drying rack outside when it’s nice! Great idea, thanks for sharing Marlene!

  3. can you give me some advice how to wash new bath towels to make more absorbent and stop the shedding lint.

  4. This is a trick called strip washing I learned for cleaning cloth nappies, probably why it mentions on one of the pins it came from someone’s grandma! lots of mums now use cloth again and use vinegar and bicarbonate to run strip washes to keep the cloth nappies fresh especially if they’ve bought pre loved nappies that haven’t been cared for properly.
    Just stumbled across your blog today and having a nice look around xx

  5. Do you do a quick wash cycle for each or full normal wash ? Seems like it would take along time to do one load of on normal cycle twice ! I have a lot of towels ????

  6. Hi. I don’t know whether anyone else has noticed their laundry smelling sour with the high efficiency washers and dryers. I washed my towels in baking soda and vinegar, and the result was amazing. I experimented with doing my cotton undies and tops and my husband’s boxers and socks by hand, in the sink, with several tbsp of baking soda and vinegar, together. I’ve been amazed at the built-up stuff that comes out in the water! I just rinse them in clear water and hung them on a laundry rack to dry. I must say, these clothes have never smelled and looked cleaner, colors are brighter and they are softer. I even have washed my nightgowns and let my bras soak in it, as well. I’ll never go back to machine washing of these small items and harsh detergents again. Just saying.

  7. Ok, getting ready to try this on my white towels. Fingers crossed, prayers said. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of “Laundry of Our Lives.”

  8. Now for the conclusion of “Laundry of Our Lives.” First Of all, sorry I forgot to post this sooner. I was all smiles when my towels came out of the washer. Smelling wonderfully fresh and so white. Don’t know who was came up this concoction, but they are laundry “royalty.” Thank you.😀♥️👍. And Meredith you ROCK mama.

  9. i have a top loading high efficiency machine. i don’t think i can unlock the machine to add baking soda and vinegar directly to the water but if i put it in the dispenser it doesn’t seem like enough. if i only have time to use one is vinegar or baking soda better and do i add it to the wash or rinse cycle? do i still need to use detergent? should i wash with baking soda and rinse with vinegar or vice versa? i’m trying to get rid of perfume smell on my sheets

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