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  1. So, I’m new to Silhouette too!. I have subscribed to the Silhouette America blog and I download their free shape every week. I also have subscribed to the Youtube channel. I have made a iron on vinyl in “Luck” that I ironed to the side of a hoodie (I have luck on my side) and I made a vinyl decal Batman logo with my name in side the wings instead of the letters Batman and another vinyl decal for a friend’s motorcycle helmet. I tried to make a card but realized I didn’t have enough different paper colors or media to make a card that wasn’t totally boring.
    BTW I found your site because of your baby shower organizer tip. So great!!!

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for the tips and ideas! I’ve been browsing the Silhouette blog, too. I’m so excited for all the possibilities! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I, too, came across your blog from your awesome baby shower gift idea and just wanted to congratulate you on your new Silhouette. Way to go on your first project! I’m really impressed. If you’re looking for a supportive community of fellow Silhouette users with tons of inspiration, I’m a part of a Silhouette FB group I started back in January. The ladies have been a huge support to me as I’ve gotten to know my new Cameo these past few months (there are over 50 of us now). If you want me to send you an invite to the group, just shoot me an email: thethinkingcloset {at} gmail.com. We’d love to have you and any one else who is interested join in on the fun!

    P.S. I’d love to feature your shower gift idea in a round-up post I’m working on for later in the month (with 1 photo and link back). Let me know if you’d rather me not; otherwise, I will let you know when it’s up!

    • Hi Lauren! I would love to be in your round-up post, thanks so much! And I am emailing you now about the FB group – that sounds great! Thanks again!

  3. Did you ever get any answers about the adhesive (or have advice for new Cameo owners?) I just ordered mine in the big Black Friday sale and can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

  4. Thus, I’m also new to Silhouette. I download the weekly free shape from Silhouette America and I have a blog subscription. In addition google, I’ve subscribed to the YouTube account.

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