Command Center 101

Create a Command Center that WORKS for your family!

While it may look easy, putting together a functional family Command Center isn’t just a matter of slapping up a calendar and some motivational quotes on the wall in your kitchen. Copying what works for someone else - whether it's a pretty photo on Pinterest or even the set-up of a good friend - just won't work perfectly for your family, either.

So then, where do you begin?



Command Center 101 will walk you through it, step-by-step! All it takes is investing some time and energy up front to create a practical and functional space that will keep the daily workings of your family running smoothly, and make your life easier.


At the end of the process - no matter what your personal organizational strengths and weaknesses are - you'll have a clutter-conquering, eye-catching, stylish and organized space that will actually WORK for your family’s unique needs.


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  • Step-by-Step

    Command Center 101 will walk you through the entire process of creating a Command Center from start-to-finish; taking inventory of your family’s clutter and organizational needs, deciding on a space in your home to use, listing your command center essentials, making a budget and going shopping, sketching out a layout, and personalizing the space.

  • Form Meets Function

    It’s vital that your Command Center be functional, but it needs to be aesthetically appealing and fit with the character of your home as well. This guide will help you fit the Command Center essential elements to your family’s unique needs while also incorporating your family’s unique style and personality into the space.

  • Printables galore!

    Included with your purchase of Command Center 101, you’ll receive the Printables Appendix which contains organizational printables to help you with the process of creating your family’s Command Center – PLUS four stylish decor printables that you can print, frame, and hang in your space!

The key to getting and STAYING organized is being purposeful about it from the start.

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